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Categories » Conference System » Voting System

Product ID: H-WB8800
Digital Wireless Voting System
Digital Wireless Voting System
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  • Description

    No cabling is needed for this wireless voting system.
    It is suitable for meetings without pre-assigned seating arrangements or for temporary systems. With its advanced technology, stability and reliablility, this wireless voting system has been used successfully in many applications.
  • H-WB8800M Wireless Voting Processor Features

    ◆ Built-in digital voting CPU
    ◆ Support up to 2000 voting units at most in one system
    ◆ In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented:
    1) Voting function ( yes, no, abstain)
    2) Electing function ( single-ballot and multiple-ballot)
    3) Scoring (100, 75, 50, 25, 0)
    ◆ Count results automatically within 1 second after ballot
    ◆ The wireless voting processor can communicate with the equipments by RJ45 interface
  • Technical Parameter

    Item Parameter
    Power Supply AC110V~240V 50Hz~60Hz
    Consumption Rating 4W
    Control Type RS232
    Color Black
    Net Weight 2.43Kg
    Output Impedance 50Ω
    Dimension (LxWxH) 480x240x45mm
    Installation 19 Inch frame

  • H-WD8800A Wireless Voting Unit
    H-WD8800 Wireless Voting Unit

    ◆ FHSS: 64 selectable channels
    ◆ Working enviroment ( temperature): -20°C+ 50°C
    ◆ The number for consecutive for pressing: 1000000 times
    ◆ Telecommunication ways: wireless telecommunication, confidentiality, agreement, multiple proofreading
    ◆ Graphic LCD bilingual display
    ◆ Sensitivity: -121dBm
    ◆ Real-time battery level display
    ◆ Low battery deep alarm
    ◆ Transmitting power consumption: <10mw
    ◆ The time cycle of sending and receiving in each single telecommunication: 60ms
    ◆ Packing: portable flight case
    ◆ Shutdown ways: shutdown by system software order, or automatic shutdown one hour later without any signal
    ◆ Signal display: signal level display while communication
    ◆ Sign-in: key press sign-in
    ◆ Voting ways: first key-press or last key-press

  • Technical Parameter
    Item Parameter
    Power Supply DC3.7V~4.2V
    Consumption Rating <10mW
    T.H.D. <0.05%
    Sensitivity 121dB
    Color Grey
    Net Weight 0.14Kg
    Dimension (LxWxH) 55x20x130mm

  • H-WA8800J Wireless Voting Signal Station
    H-WA8800 Wireless Voting Antenna

    ◆ Use for connecting the wireless voting processor to transmit and receive singal

  • Wireless Voting Charger Case H-WG8800

    Wireless Voting Charger Case H-WG8800

    Used for charging voting units
    High efficiency switch mode
    Input voltage: AC110V/240V, 50Hz~60Hz
    Charges 32pcs of voting unit per charging
    Dimension: 620x370x210mm

  • System Connection Diagram

    System Connection Diagram



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