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Categories » Smart Home Music System » Smart Central Control Host

Product ID: HS-8230
48 Zone Digital Multi-room Music System
48 Zone Digital Multi-room Music System
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  • Host HS-8230 Description:

◆ 7" TFT full touch screen
◆ Combined with MP3 Player, Tuner, Matrix, Zone director, timer, pre-amplifier and power amplifier
◆ Support MAX 50 zones indipendent output (include 2 big power output for parlor and garden, and 48 rooms)
◆ Host suport 6 sound sources: build-in MP3, Tuner, external DVD, iPod, TV, AUX;
  Room controller support build-in SD card, FM plus 6 sources from host

◆ Each room can talk to each order (1 to 1 or 1 to all)
◆ Digital transmission between host and room controller, supporting HI-FI output
◆ Room controller can be controlled by itself and host
◆ 4 RJ45 interface for remote control room controller, each RJ45 interface can link max 12 room controllers hand-in-hand
◆ RS-232 interface and LAN support connectiong to intelligent central control system
◆ Can be controlled by APP via Wifi

  • Specification:

Item Description
Number of room controllers connected 48 controllers
Number of zones 2 zone, each of which is provided with a 2-channel stereo power amplifier
Room controller interface 4×RJ45 interfaces, CAT-5 cable
Audio spec. Line input Sensitivity 500mV(±25mV)
Line input resistance 500mV(±25mV)
Zone output power 4×80W/8Ω
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB)
T.H.D <0.2% at 1kHz and 1/3 rated output power
S/N ratio ≥80dB
DC output voltage 36V (±10%)
DC output power ≤320W
Input Power AC220-240V/50-60Hz
Protection AC220V/F6AL
Maximum Power Consumption 600W
Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 430×340×132mm
Net weight (Kg) 16


  • MP3 player:
Item Description
Format supported MP3, at bit rate of <320kbps
Compatible storage Compatible with most mobile storages utilizing USB interface
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)
T.H.D <0.2%


  • AM/FM tuner:
Item Description
AM Frequency range received 522-1620kHz
Sensitivity 52dB μ
S/N ratio 35dB
Pass band 6KHz
T.H.D 0.2%
FM Frequency range received 87.0MHz-108.0MHz
Sensitivity 18dB μ
S/N ratio 75dB for mono, and 70dB for stereo
Pass band 15KHz
T.H.D 0.6%
Stereo crosstalk 35dB


  • Remote Control Pad HS-823R

 remote control pad

◆ 3.2" TFT full touch screen, soft-touch operation
◆ 8 sound sources: build-in SD card and tuner, plus 6 sound sources from host
◆ Build-in MIC, talk to other rooms are available
◆ Search and display songs in MP3 player and SD card
◆ Build-in Hi-Fi digital power amplifier and DSP effect
◆ Remote control by infrared controller

  • Remote Controller HS-818

 remote control

◆ Soft-touch operation
◆ With sound source selection, volume and tone control function
◆ With AM/FM or mono/stereo switch function
◆ With MP3 programme selection function.

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