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Product ID: H-M200/H-M300/H-M450/H-M600/H-M800/H-M1000/H-M1200/H-M1500
Dual Channel Professional Amplifier
Dual Channel Professional Amplifier
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  • Description

    2-channel, parallel or bridged, mono operating modes for flexible application
    Independent limiters for each channel offer dependable protection against distortion.
    Precise signal and clip LED indicators to monitor performance.
    High-current toroidal transformer for absolute reliability and lowest noise emission.
    Independent DC and thermal overheat protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speakers.
    "Back-to front" ventilation system including air filler will automatically adjust fan speed for smooth operation.
    Balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs.
    Professional connectors compatible to Speaker and "touch-proof" binding post loudspeaker outputs enable secure operation.
  • Specification
    Model H-M200 H-M300 H-M450 H-M600  H-M800  H-M1000  H-1200  H-1500
    Power supply AC 220V 50~60Hz
    Output 2x200W 2x300W 2x450W 2x600W 2x800W 2x1000W 2x1200W 2x1500W
    2x300W 2x450W 2x675W 2x900W 2x1200W 2x1500W 2x1800W 2x2250W
    Bridge 8Ω 600W 900W 1350W 1800W 2400W 3000W 3600W 4500W
    Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz (±0.5%)
    Switching rate 10V/µs
    Damping coefficient (8Ω/10~400Hz) >200dB
    Input sensitivity 0.77V, 1.4V, 32dB
    Voltage gain (8Ω/1KHz) 33dB/36dB/39dB/41dB
    Connector Input: XLR (Mx2+Fx2);
    Output: speakONx2;
    S/N ≥100dB
    T.H.D. (8Ω/1KHz) <0.5% (20Hz~20KHz)
    Protection and cooling Returned switch (ss); DC fault disconnect; Active inrush limiting;
    Short/Open circuit, RF overload and overheating protection
    Net weight 10Kg 10.5Kg 11Kg 12Kg 14Kg 16Kg 18Kg 20Kg
    Produce dimension (LxWxH)mm 483x482x88.9
    Color Black

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